Monday, August 29, 2011

Fabric Graphics from ICL Imaging, Large Format Printers

Today Fabric Graphics are available in more sizes, materials and finishing options then ever before.
ICL Imaging Previews Fabric Banner

ICL Imaging is committed to producing the finest fabric graphics, fabric banners and fabric table covers.
Power Stretch 4607
Our recent acquisition of the Mimaki JV 33-160 compliments our Roland, Falcon and HP XL 1500 dye-sub output.

The aqueous based dye sublimation inks are environmentally friendly which supports our commitment to green initiatives.

Tension Fabric Structure
Fabric Graphic choices are limitless.  Currently ICL Imaging is stocking 20 of the most popular dye sub and direct to print fabric materials available.   The lightest is our Ultra Sheer 9000 at 1.5 oz per square yard.
This textured sheer has a transparent look and can be used to display feminine apparel and cosmetic products.

Our Flash 335, weighing in at 9.9 oz per square yard, is our most heaviest fabric.  This unique weave and textured finish, provides a canvas appearance and is direct printed up to 10 feet wide.  It has been used for retail exhibits and displays as well as fine art reproduction projects.

ICL Imaging's most popular material is the Heavy Knit 4480, at 120 printable inches wide and weight of 9.5 oz's.  This fabric graphic material can be used for tradeshow and event banners, tension fabric structures, pop-up fabric structures and a host of other uses.  Its wrinkle resistance and moderate opaqueness - make it one of our most popular products.

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Hanging Fabric Structure
Fabric Backdrop

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