Monday, June 13, 2011

Car Wraps Drive Sales

ICL Imaging, Large Format Printers, in Framingham, MA loves to print Car Wraps.

ICL Bus Wrap for Lawrence & Memorial

Car Wraps are a great way to decorate your vehicle, advertise your business or help brand your product or service.

The trick is to design your Car Wrap properly.  Think of a moving billboard.  Now think of a moving billboard that has windows, doors, handles, contours, taillights, headlights, space gaps between doors and side panels.

You need to take into account all of that when preparing your Car Wrap design - otherwise your type may be distorted or even cut off.  Think of placing telephone numbers and web sites in areas that will not be distorted by the physicalitys of the cars surface.

ICL Vehicle Graphics for Clarke
Make sure your letters are large enough to read when standing 10 feet away.  Consider having your website printed backwards for your front hood so when vehicles in front of you look into their rearview mirror they can read it.  Think of using alot of space between sets of words and use short phrases or keywords that describe your business.

When the vehicle is parked it can make a nice stationary billboard, so use colorful graphics to attract the eye.

ICL Vehicle Wrap for Old Sturbridge Village
Our technicians at ICL Imaging are experts in preparing files or reviewing your files for vehicle graphics.  Their trained eye can spot potential problems.  And with the use of files of vehicle design templates at our disposal we can adjust the design to fit the vehicle perfectly.

In some cases having text printed on cut-vinyl letters and applied over the vehicle vinyl can help control the placement better to avoid being disturbed by the car or trucks mirrors, door cracks and other like things.

Feel free to contact us, ICL Imaging, and speak to one of our Technical Sales Reps for more information on how to prepare your files for vehicle wraps.  Often a site-inspection is required to precisely measure the vehicle so we can avoid these pitfalls.

So get your car or truck wrapped today and get noticed everywhere you go.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Vehicle Wraps by ICL Imaging

ICL Imaging, Large Format Printers Produces Vehicle Wraps

Bus Wrap
We have over 10,000 vehicle templates available.

Things you should know about vehicle wraps.  Measure carefully.  Vehicles are 3 dimensional and have curves and sloping lines.  Precise measurements will save you a headache when it comes time for installation.

Make sure your files are set up with extra bleed on all sides.  The vehicle panels will be overlapped when installed, so the amount of bleed you add is important.  Generally 1/2" all around is ok.

How long will your graphics be on the vehicle?  Short term promotions can be printed on a less expensive material to save you money.  This material does not conform to severe contours however.

Clarkes Van Wrap
Longer term graphics are printed on a more expensive cast adhesive vinyl and will last for several years when over-laminated and installed properly.

Proper installation is important for the success of the graphics lifespan.  The vehicle must be clean and free of wax for a proper bonding.  Air channels in the media will also help trapped air bubbles under the adhesive vinyl to escape.

Temperature is very important as well.  Graphics can not be applied when surface temperatures go below 55 degrees F.  Working with an installer who has an indoor bay is important in this area.

Design is another consideration when producing vehicle graphics.  Vehicles are usually moving fast and not sitting still.  Make sure your text is legible when the vehicle is moving down the highway.  Also be careful where you place smaller text, like phone #'s, websites etc.  Vehicles have surface areas that can interrupt your design like; door hinges, door latches, licensce plates etc.

Have a good discussion with your printer and designer together.  Vehicle templates will show you where many of these problems can occur.  Make sure your designer is using the right one too.

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Lindt Truck Wrap